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Medea. 2023

For this design I wanted to look at the story of Medea through a Cyberfeminist lens by examining the dichotomies between men and women, their breakdowns, and focusing on Medea’s journey of becoming monstrous to claim her own self-actualization; visualized by the removal of layers to reveal her raw viscera and metalic elements beneath. 

Earworm. 2023

Earworm is the journey of music’s effects on the individual, as well as on the greater population through pop culture. The show then becomes a brightly colored and untidy declaration of independence from our social injustices, constraints and silence. Furthermore, it is a declaration that is easily accessible and relatable.

I sought to emphasis the relatability of the characters as well as show off their inner-selves through their song counterparts. 

Abhijnanashakuntalam. 2023