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The Mighty Thor. 2018. Photography by Dan Domenzain

I recreated the design of the Mighty Thor from the Marvel Slideshow statuette. It includes a base sloper and pants, helmet, breastplate, vambraces, boots, leather belt and attachments, heavy draping capes, and two props.

While working on this project, I had to creatively apply my previous knowledge of  drafting for clothing to armor. This design also required more attention to style lines to the base pieces of the costume as well as details to the various armor pieces and props. 

Progress Slides

Sorcerer Mega-Absol. 2017. Photography by JP Rhea and Tekno Omega

This is an original costume based on some of my favorite fandoms: Pokemon and Dungeons and Dragons with a little glam rock influence. I wanted to let my creativity go with this high fantasy, high fashion design. 
This costume required constructing a fur collared satin coat, a four-way stretch bodysuit, small armor pieces, a crown with securing points to the wig, a remote controlled light-up scepter, and a wing apparatus with clean attachment points.

Progress Slides